Year of the monkey

Director’s statement

The hypothetical film is conceived as a mixture of rough naturalism and comedy of absurd. The method of contrasting, some swinging and teetering approach to script and film structure, became my favorite creative strategy for quite some time. This attitude also stands for an art-house and commercial composite I would like very much to achieve in such a film. And it’s not just due to the childish expectations of every film-maker to reach both – a blockbuster and a masterpiece in one particular “oeuvre”, but it deals with the very basic elements I find in the content of my story. In fact, a certain weightiness the problems and associations touched in the film are provoking ought to be “neutralized” by desired lightness and smooth-to-bear proceeding of a comedy as a genre. That is my main artistic goal in this film, I must admit.

The title of the film is chosen upon a traditional slogan of Macedonian guerilla-fighters and it’s a sort of an icon in the national historical mythology. Anyone daring to make a mockery of this sacred syntagma is considered to be a traitor, or at least non-patriot. I think I don’t care very much.

Vladimir Blazhevski, director