About Us

Focus Pocus was established in 2012 by Darko Popov (owner, producer) and Dimo Popov (cinematographer), brothers by blood and by spheres of interest. The name of the company, Focus Pocus, connects to the magic of the film as a medium, but also refers to the magic of bringing ideas to life. The company has two main missions:

1. To discover, develop and motivate young and talented authors to tell their relevant stories, whatever the length, genre or type, be it individually human or politically social;
2. To function as a link which connects Balkan authors and creatives with counterparts from all over the world, with a purpose to produce quality content which will make us all proud.

Focus Pocus Films
Vladimir Komarov 33, 2/1,
1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
+389 78 255867

unique number: 4032012519021
bank account number: 210-0682163401-60
IBAN: MK07210701001055656

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