The Cave

Technical data:
duration: 23 minutes
color | 1:1.85 | dolby 5.1
language: arabic
subtitles: English, Macedonian

cast: Adham Fazary, Amr Wishahy, Adham Fazary, Amr Wishahy, Mahmoud Refat, Sherif Elsharkawy, Mohammed Elgammal, Ahmed Adma, Amira El Ghoneimy, Khaled Abaza

African Metropolis, Big World Cinema, Zero Production
Co-production: Focus Pocus Films

Assistant Director: Muhammad Mustapha
Set Design: Sophia Ahmed
Sound Design: Ivica Jankulovski
Cinematography: Dimo Popov, Islam Kamal
Editing: Mohammad Shawky Hassan
Co-writer: Ahmed Abu Elfadl
Executive Producer: Steven Markovitz
Co-producer: Darko Popov
Producer: Tamer El Said
Written And Directed: Ahmed El Ghoneimy



For Adham, working class with limited opportunities, the city is an arena where the strong survive and the weak fall by the wayside.